News: Sam Brown releases excellent new experimental electronic album “Wheel Of Fortune”

Those of you following United Cassettes for a while may remember when we premiered “Get Up“, a track from North Carolina based composer, musician, and producer Sam Brown’s debut album “Yellow Cake“. Brown has released his sophomore record “Wheel Of Fortune”, which may be a stylistic departure from Yellow Cake, but the eclectic fashion remains.

“Wheel Of Fortune” is a sprawling 34 track release that expands on the frame-work laid down on Yellow Cake. However, this new record is notably more synth-heavy, leaning more into an experimental electronic direction which is as exciting as it is unique. On this release Sam Brown creates something truly refreshing, hopping from vibe to vibe with effortless execution. Opening track “Untitled” is a brooding electronic piece, filled with layered ambience and delicate vocals, whereas tracks like “Mother” and “23” are full of ethereal synth chaos that is reminiscent of Tyondai Braxton’s solo work and other artists working in the more avant-garde realms of electronic music.

Sam Brown sets himself apart as someone to watch with this ambitious record, an outing with a stable delivery that doesn’t disappoint.

“Wheel Of Fortune” is out now on cassette with Little L Records and Illuminated Paths.

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