Welcome to the blog division of United Cassettes! This is a separate website dedicated to cassette write-ups. If you’re looking for the cassette stores, you can find them at the following links:

Philippine store: ph.unitedcassettes.com

Japan store: jp.unitedcassettes.com

EU store: unitedcassetteseurope.bandcamp.com

US store: friendclubrecords.limitedrun.com/categories/united-cassettes

United Cassettes is a cassette movement trying to change the game.

United Cassettes is a platform for cassette labels to show their work.

United Cassettes is a world map of small independent labels.

United Cassettes is an international cassette distribution.

United Cassettes is a place for cassette collectors.

United Cassetes is a Brave New Cassette World.

Contact for this blog site: info@unitedcassettes.com

Submissions for blog consideration: submit@unitedcassettes.com.

Email addresses for the cassette stores can be found on their respective pages.