New series where we are recommending 7 cassette releases to buy. Various labels, various genres. No words, just music released on cassettes. This is a special double edition with 28 releases to catch up on all the amazing releases before next Bandcamp Friday.

Birchwood Ave – Losing Faith in Michigan (heavenly creature records)

Persica 3 – Tangerine (Hidden Bay Records)

Really Great – So Far, No Good (Self-released)

Quiet Commotion – Hallå, Kära Flod! (Outcast Tape Infirmary)


Painted Light – Comfort In The Consistency (Friend Club Records)

Wednesday – Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ’em Up (Orindal Records)

Robo Pumpkin – Galaxy Boiz II: The Happiest Mask (Baron Tapes)

Shiruetto – ERA (Neoncity Records)

fuvk – split death (Z Tapes)

Various Artists – Good Mood / Lofi Juice (Inner Ocean Records)

Medusa Phase – Negative Space (Woodford Halse)

Mo Dotti – Guided Imagery (SMOKING ROOM)

Rafael de Toledo Pedroso – Coração de Pássaro (Grimalkin Records)

bedbug – bedbug (Disposable America)

june gloom – All the Rest (Window Sill Records)

Levoneh – Ground (Lost Sound Tapes)

No One Sphere – Isn’t Everything About Something (Broken Sound Tapes)

Six Missing & Zac Colwell – Unfolding (Inner Ocean Records)

Various Artists – Look To Imber (Modern Aviation)

Barrie – Barbara (Winspear)

Franz Kirmann – Forget Me Not (Bytes)

Periods – Ruptures (in silico records)

Deva Grace – Vocivos (Furious Hooves)

Bellows – Next of Kin (Topshelf Records)

Stand and Wave – Stay Home (Nap Time Records)

Tenda Senda – Possibles (Inner Ocean Records)

Atte Elias Kantonen – POP 6 SUSURRUS (mappa)

Curated by Filip Zemčík,

Written by: