New series where we are recommending 7 cassette releases to buy. Various labels, various genres. No words, just music released on cassettes. This is a special edition with 42 releases to catch up.

Curtail – When The Sway Sets (Friend Club Records)

Michael Rider – Cycle (Grimalkin Records)

Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad – Wake (Inner Islands)

Luke Lover – Luke Lover (Hidden Bay Records)

Chris Williams & Leo Chang – Unnameable Element (Dinzu Artefacts)

Welcome To​.​.​. (Devil Town Tapes)

3AM – Life’s Hard (Outcast Tape Infirmary)

marysgate – special memory (bud tapes)

Divine Foray – Ode to Tempest (GULF SPA Records)

Kascha – Every Little Spill (Broken Camera Records)

THE OT X-TET – The Bridge To Total Freedom (Home Assembly Music)

Atsushi Izumi – Houzan Archives (Opal Tapes)

Nico Georis – Desert Mirror (LEAVING RECORDS)

May Day Music: A Benefit Compilation For Strike Funds & Artists (Gardenhead Records)

Spring 2022 (Z Tapes)

猫 シ Corp. – 家族. 劳动. 쇼핑. (Underwater Computing)

Elephant Gym – Dreams (Topshelf Records)

phoneswithchords – cut the kid (Z Tapes)

Travis Bretzer – renaissance (Human Sounds Records)

N KRAMER – Altered Scenes and Slight Variations (LEAVING RECORDS)

cool original – outtakes from “bad summer” (Topshelf Records)

Julius Smack – Serenity EP (LEAVING RECORDS)

LXV – things that may not be connected (Warm Winters Ltd.)

jordana – Face The Wall (Grand Jury Music)

fussy – russy (Window Sill Records)

Psuedo Desnudo – Still Underground (Cudighi Records)

Nick Sheppard & Marigold Sun – Pratunam (Hush Hush Records)

Klahrk & KAVARI – Wax (Genot Centre)

Valley Gals – Snake Oil Salesman (Graveface Records & Curiosities)

Coral Club – Lost Cities (Moon Glyph)

Lizzy Dutton – Amnesia (Self-released)

Tanson – Coral Grief (Oxtail Recordings)

R.E. Seraphin – Swingshift (Safe Suburban Home Records)

Andrew Heath, Anne Chris Bakker & Mi Cosa de Resistance – Dispatches (giraffe tapes)

Drew Fitchette – Witness Marks (Furious Hooves)

shorts volume one (Outcast Tape Infirmary)

Lo​-​Fi Snacks (Inner Ocean Records)

Dani + Sarah – Dani + Sarah (galaxy train)

Homephone – Melon Collie (UPHERE! Records)

PETER BARK – Empty Rooms (Inner Ocean Records)

Kratzwerk – 夕暮れ (Underwater Computing)

Lorie Bevins – The Mountain of Joy is a Valley of Despair Downside Up (Cudighi Records)

Curated by Filip Zemčík,

Written by: