Another Piece in the PULCO Puzzle

PULCO is the dada-pop project of Welsh musician, Ash Cooke. The upcoming album, “Farmyard And Library” will be released on cassette and lathe-cut vinyl July 29th via Liquid Library. Cooke blends field recordings with his distinctive voice and song-craft – all wrapped up in warm blanket of DIY production.

Cooke describes his unique vision and creative process: “I think that using a cut-up/found sound technique as a basis for writing music helps the listener create new connections to musical themes and the world around them and naturally as a consequence the range of vision and interpretation of our understanding of sound also expands.”

Imagine taking a brightly colored collage and transforming it into sound – that’s the essence of PULCO’s “Farmyard And Library.” It’s at times nonsense and other times a poignant picture of a man from Wales.

Pre-order the cassette/lathe-cut vinyl from Liquid Library. Additionally, you can pre-order the album on CD here.

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