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10 very short reviews of 10 cassette releases curated by z tapes and reviewed very small album review

1 Jons – Serfs of Today

A big park of very still trees inside of a closet underneath a staircase.

Cassettes: jawns.bandcamp.com/album/serfs-of-today

2 Weinf – Bury Me With My Money

A woozy palm tree falls into a glass of sweating ice water in a neon, roadside bar.´

Cassettes: weinf.bandcamp.com/album/bury-me-with-my-money

3 Flying Circles – Of Loving Grace

A plant with giant leaves solving a mystery in a yellow, 2-D window.

Cassettes: antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com/album/of-loving-grace

4 Roraima – Try Again

Long armed robots scramble to press correct buttons to save a crashing shuttle

Cassettes: tapemodulator.com/products/571664-roraima-try-again

5 The Black Sparks – S/T

A thin hawk calls out in a canyon and moves giant boulders with its voice.

Cassettes: tapemodulator.com/products/573496-the-black-sparks-s-t

6 Young Scum – If You Say That (TRK RVW)

Doug Funny coasting on an endless slip n’ slide thru hula hoops.

Cassettes: citruscityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/zona

7 Family Video – Empty Bed (TRK RVW)

Sad mermaid gets invited to play water volleyball & feels hopeful

Cassettes: lostsoundtapes.bandcamp.com/album/sparkle-water-family-video-split-tape

8 Delve – Headspace

Bubbles made of stone drifting into clouds shaped like skinny, winding streams.

Cassettes: granitetapes.bandcamp.com/album/headspace

9 Prizegiving – No Harm Done

A nauseous wooden race car moving through tall grass in a hot summer park.

Cassettes: sleepoverrecordsct.bandcamp.com/album/no-harm-done

10 Harley Alexander – No More Getting High (TRK RVW)

Lonesome man holding suitcases by a hotel pool.

Cassettes: harleyalexander.bandcamp.com/album/harland


Written by:

An Ant on Helium giving abstract reviews of your fave albums.