REVIEW: Slushy Guts – We’re Not Kids and We’re Not in America

Check in any notion of what you expect from music at the door and you will be open to enjoying the dissonant, disjointed mess of Slushy Guts. The 4-track warbles as it vaguely recreates Steve’s simple but profound songs in various states of completion. It is old but sounds much more aged than you’d expect from its 5 years on this earth – indicative of the varied disintegration of the tape it was tracked to and the tape I’m playing it from.

Informed by, but isolated from, an indie-rock heritage and driven by a Smithian (M.E. not R.) approach to abstract experimentation, We’re Not Kids and We’re Not in America is, in my opinion, the purest document of Slushy Guts. It doesn’t have the best songs or the best sound but it’s brilliant and immersive in a way that little else is.

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