Review: “Henry” by Truly- Honeysweet Indie With an Edge

Elegant and softly brooding, Henry by Truly feels like waking up from a dream too good to be true. With purring vocals and catchy and complex musical experimentation, Henry has the addictive sweetness of indie pop with the developed edge and definitive bite of more experimental genres, creating a perfect juxtaposition of sound.

Tracks like “Honey” are a perfect example of the way that Truly juxtaposes elements of genre in their music. The track with the heady sweetness and richness of honey itself, is accented with moments of acutely disjointed musical experimentation; a musical form of enjambment of sorts, giving the track a beautifully unique feel. This holds true for the entirety of the album.

Henry by Truly is available on cassette through Have To Do This Records and comes complete with a full color j-card and beautifully pressed tape. This release is perfect for fans of projects like Eskimeaux or Angels Dust, or anyone looking for something with an indie/bedroom pop vibe with a little more musical complexity and a little more edge. Be sure to pick up a copy and give the album a listen here.


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