NEWS: Furnsss reissue Silent Gold with bonus demos via Third Floor Tapes

Furnsss are a band making a lot of waves at the moment. These Burlington, Connecticut kids have been churning amazing fuzz-pop tracks for some time now, with an already impressively sprawling back catalogue. However, if that wasn’t enough they’ve just gone and reissued their already near-cult status record “Silent Gold” with a slew of demos on the ever-amazing Philadelphia based Third Floor Tapes. This is the beautiful marriage of two outfits who are both being intently watched for 2016 and what better way to ring in the new year than with this.

“Silent Gold” still sounds as fresh as it did back in 2014, with jangly pop tunes such as “79 Cent Gold” and “Where Did My Pets Go?” being utterly unforgettable from the first note. Coming to 25-tracks in total, this compilation isn’t just for die hard fans, it genuinely keeps your attention undivided throughout as the cassette spools keep spinning. The B-Sides are quirky but definitely quality, with a lovely chip-tune remix of “79 Cent Gold” and the blissful Roy Orbison-esque tune “All The Things”. This immensely diverse collection of tracks is further proof that no matter what Furnsss are doing you should be paying attention.

“Silent Gold + Demos” is available on pro-produced clear cassettes with screen-printed text right now via Third Floor Tapes’ webstore which you can find here. You can also keep up with Furnsss via their Facebook page.

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