NEWS: 1 9 9 6 release new album via Illuminated Paths

It should be no surprise by now that if Illuminated Paths so much as touches it, it’s going to be gold and 1 9 9 6’s new record “a b s t r a c t” is no exception to this notion.

“a b s t r a c t” is the lastest offering from 1 9 9 6, a twenty five track album presented in mixtape fashion. “a b s t r a c t” is a world in itself, populated with sparse hits of tape saturated drum machine loops, ever-expanding synthesizer lines and beautifully constructed soundscapes. Feeling almost dystopian at times yet so delicate, this record truly has a unique air to itself which captures you instantly, absorbing you into the space it creates. A beautiful ambient slow-burner this one is definitely worth checking out and exploring to its full potential.

Available now on classic home-dubbed cassettes in distinct Illuminated Paths fashion, you can grab your copy on their Bandcamp now.

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