FEATURE: Mint Field – Sentimiento Mundial

There comes a time, more so when your local scene is hidden, that you find a band and you go “holy cow, there’s someone doing this type of music here?”. That was my impression when I discovered shoegaze band Mint Field with their latest work, “Sentimiento Mundial”.

On this record, the band holds influences such as My Bloody Valentine in high regard, but don’t take it as if they were copying them, they take the elements that make records such as Loveless so grabbing and mix them with their own to make a flavor on it’s own league.

The record starts slow, presenting its intricate use of guitars, it’s love for delays, reverbs and tons of feedback, before introducing the beautiful voice of lead singer Estrella del Sol, a standout of the project. Don’t expect detailed lyrics with fast vocals, these are more like sweet strokes of a brush, painting long lines in a canvas to combine in an striking lyric, reaching high notes that get shivers running down the back of your head, with its short poetry that gets right into your soul, and it’s there to stay.

The record doesn’t stay in that note, though. Starting with “Contingencia”, the record takes a dynamic turn introducing distorsion, letting the guitar shine more without drowning the vocals, leaving enough space to let everything exist while taking a more energetic turn.

If you have been needing a new band to scratch that shoegaze or are looking for something different, I can’t recommend you “Sentimiento Mundial” more, an amazing record from a band that has a lot of promess, and that hopefully will continue delivering beautiful music in the future.

“Sentimiento Mundial” is now available through Amigos Records. Tapes have been flying out the shelf, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone. It’s also available on vinyl (now on pre order) and CD through their bandcamp, if you are into that.

Written by David Alberto Ruiz Espinosa

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