New series where we are recommending 7 cassette releases to buy. Various labels, various genres. No words, just music released on cassettes. This is a special double edition with 14 releases to catch up.

S for Swallow – DEMO (in silico)

Sinnr – Growing Stones EP (Insert Tapes)

Hook-Ups – Domestic Fantasy (SMOKING ROOM)

DAIF – alles was mir hend wölle isch alles (und alles was mir becho hend isch chalt) (BlauBlau Records)

ROBERT STILLMAN – What Does It Mean to Be American? (KIT Records & Orindal Records)

Dlina Volny – Mechty (Sierpen Records)

Dlina Volny – Dazed (Sierpen Records)

Landscaping – Picturesque (UPHERE! Records)

The Plastic Cherries – Sunshine (UPHERE! Records)

K Nogami – here / there (giraffe tapes)

Zai Kowen – Paradise Vinyl (Neoncity Records)

Iden Kai – Magallánica Thunderlove (Neoncity Records)

David Juro – Bloom and Decay (Nap Time Records)

Kelly Hangauer – SlideJoy (Self-released)

Curated by Filip Zemčík,

Written by: