Review: De Stevens “Reverie”

“Reverie” is the latest release by lo-fi indie pop project De Stevens, pressed on cassette through Free Kittens Records. The album begins with an intro of ambient noise and flows effortlessly into the next tracks, characterized by a dissonant yet harmonious blend of simplistic guitar notes, ambient noise and distant-sounding vocals resonating through the overtones of electronic feedback.

Creating a pleasantly individual feel to “Reverie,” the track “Luminal Bloom” offers upbeat electronic ambiance heavily featuring synth, juxtaposed by tracks like “Cat’s Eyes” and “Everything is Nothing” where dreamy vocals and fuzzy ambient noise are featured, or “Golden Gates” where initially sparse vocals and guitar are complimented beautifully by swells of static that are a reminder of distant ocean waves or perhaps a heavy rainfall on the roof overhead.

The album ends with the aptly named track “Sunset,” bringing it to a close with soulful, heavy guitar notes, a sigh, footsteps, and finally, the sound of the door being closed, offering an incredibly satisfying auditory experience to complete the overall delightfully melancholy sounds of this latest De Stevens release. “Reverie” blends together elements of lo-fi, indie pop, ambient and noise that give the album a feel that is entirely unique, and yet comfortingly familiar at the same time. This album is the ideal type of release for cassette, and a must have for any collection.

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