NEWS: Casper Heyzeus Releases New Record

Casper Heyzeus are as avant-garde as they are brilliant and their new record “Self Help For The Helpless Self” is no exception. Seeing a release on hotly tipped label Ice Cream For Crow Records, this monolithically sprawling twenty eight track release is steeped in humour and obscenely catchy hooks that sound like Human League and Mr Bungle’s love-child.

Over the course of this frankly hilarious release, Casper Heyzeus provides astonishing amounts of diversity, from micro-korg laden opuses to tongue-in-cheek grind-core tracks about eating metal for breakfast. That being said all comedic merit aside, this album musically is a real gem, with tracks like “A Family Trip to Burger King” and “Albino Pigeon” are standouts. For the listener who enjoys their music with a dash of piss-take lyrics, we highly highly recommend anything Casper Heyzeus has ever done.

Listener discretion advised, buying the tape advised.

You can purchase your copy of “Self Help For The Helpless Self” on beautiful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed DIY tapes, housed in green shells in a red case via Ice Cream For Crow Records’ Bandcamp.

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