Head Dress’ “Slow Chime” on Hylé Tapes: Delightfully Foreboding

“Slow Chime” is the latest release from Los Angeles based ambient/drone/experimental project Head Dress, now out on cassette through French label Hylé Tapes. Beginning with a minimalist ambient feel and staccato notes, the album grows and evolves into metallic sounding groans, hums and whispering static; a soundscape that is pleasantly inhuman and delightfully oppressive and foreboding. “Slow Chime” feels like the minutes before the approach of a violent summer storm. A stillness and simplicity that has charged the air with an eerie warning of what is yet to come. The final track of the album is the storm itself; suddenly the atmosphere has exhaled and jaggedly let go of its breath, a thrashing wind; all-consuming and enveloping. Head Dress creates in “Slow Chime” an environment that simultaneously suggests impending doom and yet at the same time, offers a mysterious sense of comfort.

“Slow Chime” is currently available at Hylé Tapes in limited edition numbered copies of 50 on smoky clear cassettes. Be sure to pick up your copy here!


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