Z Tapes: “Ashland,”Christmas Benefit Comp & Cassette Bundles

Currently out now from Z Tapes are two exciting new tapes, “Ashland” by EP and a special Christmas benefit compilation tape with proceeds going to a small but incredibly important charity near the hometown of the owner of Z Tapes in Slovakia.

“Ashland” is 7 tracks of songs with honest vocals and raw instrumentals; it’s lofi-pop with a jagged edge. Tracks like “Grammar, Please” and “What 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 Add Up To” set the tone for the album overall, having a feeling of an upbeat and poppy yet simultaneously restrained sort of angst to the overall sound. With heavy and raw guitar riffs, backrgound clashes of drums and moments of simple and pure chords, the instrumentals on “Ashland” combined with the definitively emotional vocals, this album is indie rock drenched in reverb.

Fans of lofi-pop or rock pop with an edge should be sure to give “Ashland” a listen! The cassette is currently available for pre-order in limited edition of 50 copies, get it here!

The special Christmas benefit compilation features artists such as Fox Academy, Pet Cemetery, Real Swell and Mark Force One, just to name a few! The tape is a mix of original songs and Christmas covers and overall is an awesome blend of lofi artists for a great cause.

“This year we wanted to do something special for Christmas and give something back to people that need help. We created this Christmas compilation to support a small, but amazing Slovakian organization running a shelter for battered women and helping kids without proper families in a small town, not far away from the place where I grew up. I met them this summer, and from that point on I wanted to help them financially. They need a lot of money. Therefore all profits from this compilation will go towards their honest work. Please help this organization build a better home for people in need.” –Filip of Z Tapes


Picking up this Christmas comp is the perfect way to treat yourself or someone you know that loves cassettes or lofi jams while simultaneously helping out others in need, after all, it is supposed to be the “season of giving” so try giving this Christmas comp a listen and you’ll quickly realize its a must-have for your own collection or for anyone you want to spread a little lofi christmas cheer to this holiday season. Cassettes ship out from Z Tapes in late December in limited edition of 20. Pick one up here!

Finally, head on over to the Z Tapes bandcamp page and check out the special 3 cassette bundle offer going on now. Choose (or don’t choose and let the three tapes be a surprise!) any three cassettes from the Z Tapes discography for only $19, its a great deal and a cool chance to check out some of the awesome releases from the label.

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