News: Wisconsin’s newest label, “Parking Lot Records” to release selected discography for “thanks for coming”

My good friend Adam and I have been wanting to start a tape label for some time now. We were originally going to start it together, but since we are 1,600 miles away from each other it didn’t make much sense. So shout outs to him for actually doing it. (mine coming soon)

Parking Lot Records will be releasing tapes and possibly CD’s for bands that fit in the categories of indie, lofi, emo, screamo, and everything in between. PLR-001 will be a selected discography for Chicago’s thanks for coming. I’ve been listening to Rachel Brown of tfc since late January / early February. thanks for coming is a great lofi/bedroom pop artist. Her generally sad lyrics compliment her lovely voice so nice. (is that a compliment?) But I always find myself wanting to hear more & more.

thanks for coming discography cover

This tape is expected to be released on or before October 1st on a run of 25 pink tapes. (look out for pre-orders)

In the meanwhile, give Parking Lot Records a like on Facebook, stream the selected discography via bandcamp here, and check out thanks for coming’s bandcamp here.

Thanks for your time.

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