News: Two new releases from Santapogue Media!

Two new tape releases are in the works for Santapogue Media!


The first release, which is out of 25 Silver Foil tapes, will be for Long Island Outsider Metal duo They Fell In Glory‘s debut LP, The Return to Caledonia. The rawness of the each and every sound on the LP will either make you or break you. Get ready, and keep an eye out for pre-orders via Santapogue Media!


The second release, which is out of 25 Black/White tapes, is from Long Island Metalboys Tempted In. Every lyric, riff, and breakdown on their debut EP, Sudden Life Gradual Death, comes straight from the hearts of the five teenagers that had made up Tempted In during the recording sessions of SLGD. Pre-orders will also be up soon via Santapogue Media

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