Review: Toy Cars – “Letters”

Toy Cars are a Belmar, NJ based band and “Letters” is their latest release, their sophomore EP.

Toy Cars’ sound is a very diverse one, encompassing numerous genres and drawing from a wide range of influences. “Letters” is very much so grounded in folk punk ideas, with lush acoustic guitars bedding the tracks throughout, leaving room for angsty vocals and lush instrumentation. This being said, tracks such as “Crows” expand into something much monolithic, bordering on almost post-rock soundscapes at times.

“The River” is a personal favourite, its a raw and emotive jaunt which feels very organic and personal, which really captures the listener.

“Letters” is available right now on cassette, CD and lathe cut 7″, release by Little Pup Records, check it out below:

Letters by Toy Cars


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