News: “To Be So Fortunate…”, the new compilation from Cellar Door Tapes, is available now!

Cellar Door Tapes, a Bakersfield, CA-based tape label, is happy to announce the release of its new compilation “To Be So Fortunate…”, which is limited to 40 home-dubbed tapes. Although the artists represented come from around the globe, this release embodies a distinct and consistent aesthetic of bedroom-based creativity that exists independently of any musical trend. From ambient explorations to spidery alt-folk to unapologetic pop songs, this compilation truly has something for everyone interested in cassette culture.

You can listen/stream/download/buy a tape here:

the new compilation out on cellar door tapes.
cover art of “To Be So Fortunate…”
the cassette edition of the compilation
the cassette edition of the compilation
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