Stillness and heat – or: Quality tapes from Newcastle

Yes, right, I´m talking about Still Heat Recordings from Newcastle, UK.

“Blistered VHS sountracks , tech-noise, dark ambience, industrial dub, hauntology, hiss and smudged drones.”

– Still Heat on Still Heat

Still Heat are a tape (and download) label which offers a catalogue of meanwhile eight releases (with SH008 to be released shortly). All of them are of extraordinary musical quality. Wether you start listening on the early end or the late end of their catalogue – it´s almost sure that you are at least slightly interested in the other releases.

I´ll describe each release with one sentence, with an esoteric approach and a focus on its emotional quality.

SH001: sunburnt desert roadtrip score

SHOO2: overdosed zoning out during a ritualistic rave

SH003: a requiem for the haunted souls

SH004: machine funk with a dash of pitch black

SH005/LA005 (Also released on Lugubrious Audio.): with a view to a thrill

SH006: aboard a high voltage powered cargo train

SH007: surf and ride your noise board into washed out ambient shores

SH008: “…please, I need to get off this train, please, help, I don´t want this to happen.”

I think you should get an idea what Still Heat is all about, right?
So, I can only close with this: Undergo the test, try listening to one release and find out if stillness and heat are for you – Still Heat will tell you.

You can connect with Still Heat on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

All Still Heat releases available on Bandcamp.

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I´m loving the present moment, the sound of falling rain and the smell of gasoline. Cassettes are making me feel cosy because they remind me of my childhood before CDs were a thing.