Sleep Unit – Inner space Dundee

Last year I had the pleasure to discover Sleep Unit, a small tape label for dark ambient/drone from Dundee/Scotland.
After having bought catalog number 001 I enjoyed it over and over again, probably it’s my most played tape during the last year. So, I think you can imagine how happy I was to hear about a second release. after having played number 002 for 3 weeks I can definitely say that these guys are keeping their output quality high.

001 the null spectre – lord of shadows

“lord of shadows” comes along with a certain understatement but nonetheless left a deeply dark mark in my mind. Drones and pads interchange with hints of noise loops and monotonous bass blops.

What I expect from dark ambient is not less than the cold chill, raise of heart rate and thrilling dramaturgy of a Hitchcock movie. I think that’s not wanted too much, and “lord of shadows” easily meets this standard.

002 noctilucant – crumbling cities echoing their terror

This must be the sound of Cosmic background radiation. The tape starts with dark mood carrying drones, distant piano elements, and noisy radio transmissions. Hovering synths and ethereal choirs are drowning in dark depths, all this with a distinct “Fritz Lang – Metropolis” feeling. Seen from the perspective of the first Sleep Unit release the music feels way sharper here, rather focused than diffuse but still vast, dark and cold as deep space is.

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I´m loving the present moment, the sound of falling rain and the smell of gasoline. Cassettes are making me feel cosy because they remind me of my childhood before CDs were a thing.