News: Seapony “A Vision” new album out now



The new album from Seapony! Available now!

Dreamy pop music from Seattle, highly recommended.

“[A] compilation of perfect tracks for breezy West Coast summers making you long for the sandy beaches with gorgeous golden hued sunsets while sweeping you to your next destination. The opening track “Saw The Light,” with its melancholic reflection on the horizon, accurately captures the jangle pop tone of the album. The soft whispering vocals in “Hollow Moon” describe the water surrounding them and question the fragility of relationships, a common theme in A Vision. It’s a soothing album — comfortable, dainty, with a slight distortion of the guitar, letting your mind wander through melancholic memories. The sun, the moon, and the sea are escapes in Seapony’s dreamy landscape.” – Stereogum

First edition of 100 white cassette tapes and pale blue labels with blue ink.

Comes with a digital download code. 

Purchase the cassette tape here

CD and LP available directly from the band

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Lost Sound Tapes is a cassette tape record label, based in Cascadia focusing on high quality lo-fi music. Artists include Rose Melberg, Blanket Truth, Your Heart Breaks, iji, and Watercolor Paintings.