REVIEW: the way i don’t understand anything anymore by Eerie Summer

Eerie Summer’s 2015 LP, “the way i don’t understand anything anymore” lives up to the band’s name. A dream-pop album full of catchy hooks and rocking bangers, the breezy, laid-back vocals sing existential and tender lyrics under the guise of relaxed, sunny melodies. With most of the songs clocking in at around two minutes, Eerie Summer combines fuzzy guitars and sweet harmonies to sing about love, apathy, summer, and depression.

They start with “No Big Deal,” an up-tempo, apathetic anthem that shows indifference for a past friend/lover (“It’s really no big deal/I rarely ever miss you/I will forget your name/Sooner or later,”) and their own mortality (“It doesn’t matter if I’m almost dead, if I’m almost dying”).

They carry this theme of bleak lyrics with lighthearted music throughout the album, especially on their third track, “Means Nothing to You.” This song is so dancey and catchy you’ll find yourself constantly singing the lyrics, “Whenever we touch, whenever we kiss, means nothing to you…I could never make you care for me,” before realizing oh shit this is sad as fuck.

“Weird Around You” is their longest song, clocking in at just four minutes, and its slower tempo makes it perfect for sitting outside in the summer, melting from the sun and the melding of fuzzy guitar and bass. “I Don’t Need Anybody Else (But You),” features haunting harmonies that ring true of the whole album: Turning a sweet summer love song upside down, into a twisted, eerie anthem.

What I love about this album is how it walks you through the summer season, beginning with the breezy and chill “No Big Deal,” the perfect start to summer, and ending with the sweet, melancholic tone of “Meant to Be,” a tale of a love gone sour and feelings that never seem to fade, epitomizing the bittersweet end of August.

Overall, these songs are perfect for summer drives to the beach or late night sunset walks after a long day of work. If you’re looking for some specific vibes here’s a quick breakdown:

The Banger: Never Good Enough
The Catchiest: I Don’t Need Anybody Else (But You), Means Nothing to You
Headphones/Eyes Closed: Weird Around You
Head-bobs for days: Round and Round
Summer BBQ track: It’s Okay
Driving: Not the Kind of Girl to Hang Around, No Big Deal, Meant to Be

The tape itself is a dark purple while the j-card is a drawing of a bedroom featuring a cat napping, a few haphazard slices of pizza, and a witch’s hat floating in the night sky outside the window. Pick up a tape today from their Bandcamp page (which is also where the photo in this review came from)!!

Review written by Sabrina Cofer (@sabcofer)

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