REVIEW: Brundlefly – Demo CD-R

The first thing an astute observer might notice about Brundlefly’s “Demo CD-R” cassette is that it’s a cassette, and not a CD-R. In fact, there’s no indication anywhere that these songs exist on any CD-R: cassette seems to be its sole physical medium and only Brundlefly brainfather Jeff Varner might know otherwise (or not, as I get the feeling he may have been exceedingly hammered when conceptualizing, writing, recording, titling, designing, and perhaps even dubbing this tape via boombox). If it’s yet to be made clear:

This tape is very dumb.

That’s a good thing though! Brundlefly is Varner’s parody on ‘local metal’. Not metal that happens to be be local to his area, but ‘local metal’. As a genre. “Demo CD-R” lovingly takes the piss out of every goofy group of metalheads to (maybe against typical good judgement) turn their amps up to 11 and shred without shame. Lyrical subjects predominately stay in the narrow lane of being really mad (“I AM SO PISSED / I AM PISSED OFF / I AM GOING TO SCREAM AT YOU / AAHH AAHH AAHH”), with an occasional venture into general confusion (“WHO THE FUCK IS JOSEPH? / WHO THE FUCK AM I? / WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? / WHAT THE FUCKIN’ WHY?”), and paired with Varner’s ‘Cookie Monster’ vocals, the heavy, chugging riffs, and the lo-fi production, meld like Seth Brundle and the fly to create a hilarious and unrestrained ten minute blast of an abomination. If you have a few brain cells to spare, invite Brundlefly into your heart. To scream at it.

Favorite track: “PAIN IN THE ASS” You can purchase

Brundlefly’s “Demo CD-R” here:

Written by Travis Shosa

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