News: Pet Cemetery: “Dietary Requirements” Cassettes Now Available on Z Tapes

Pet Cemetery’s latest release, “Dietary Requirements” is available now for order on cassette through Z Tapes. “Dietary Requirements” is an 8-track collection of lo-fi, bedroom pop songs with downbeat vibes and catchy melodies. Each track has a wonderfully unique feel of its own, yet weaves together beautifully overall to create a cohesive sound that is somewhere along the spectrum of shoegaze meets Neutral Milk Hotel meets Julia Brown meets something entirely and genuinely its own sound. “Dietary Requirements” has that wistful yet blissful end of summer feeling, a mix of upbeat instrumentals, hazy feedback in places, and a certain thoughtful kind of melancholy atmosphere surrounding vocals with relatable feeling lyrics.

Dietary Requirements (for me) is like a soundtrack to uncertainty. A collection of songs birthed in a couple weeks, recorded with my best friend, in an attempt to resolve an extended summer. I was listening to a lot of Waxahatchee & trying to work the world out. I’m still trying to work the world out.” – Saam of Pet Cemetery

dietary requirements ep by pet cemetery

Be sure to pick of a copy of Pet Cemetery’s “Dietary Requirements” before they’re gone! Cassettes are available through Z Tapes in limited edition of 100 copies and come complete with a digital download in Mp3 or FLAC formats and are shipped from Slovakia complete with a brand new tape and other goodies in the package!

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