NEWS: Leaaves drops beautiful new ambient cassette “Forest Words”

Leaaves is the moniker of North Carolina based musician Nate Wagner and “Forest Words” is his latest release, a welcomed addition to his already expansive catalogue – a graceful collection of tracks recorded over the space of late 2013 to early 2014.

“Forest Words” is a heady trip of ambient soundscapes and spoken word slow-burners, a cohesive 8 track album which really sets Leaaves apart from the some-what over saturated ambient scene that we’re seeing so much of lately, creating something truly stand-alone. Comprising of shoegazey walls of drones and textures and a wealth of amazing spoken-word pieces and processed samples, there is an incredible amount of depth to each piece, with tracks such as “Sprain” and “Antares” sucking you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of pure aural bliss.

“Forest Words” is available right now on the excellent Leeds,UK based tape label A Giant Fern and also via Leaaves’ Bandcamp. For more from Leaaves you can also keep up with his Facebook page.

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