NEWS: Laurie Shaw releases “Yellow Rays” via Little L Records

Laurie Shaw is a Cork, Ireland based musician and “Yellow Rays” is his latest record, which has just been released via Little L Records.

Laurie Shaw is a bona fide workaholic, with 2013 seeing him release twelve full length records and in subsequent years he shows no sign of stopping, despite only being in his early twenties. “Yellow Rays” sees Laurie Shaw channel his inner Graham Coxon, with elegant dark guitar pop tunes populating this EP. Shaw’s diversity is what really asserts him as a gem, not just in his back catalogue but even when confined to one record we see him jump from lo-fi folk tunes to trippy synth-drench psychedelic rock numbers. Make sure to catch this record before his next record is finished, and hell that could be right now for all we know.

“Yellow Rays” is available on spray-painted pink and yellow cassettes via Little L Records right now. You can also keep an eye on Laurie Shaw via his Facebook page.

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