News: Iowan Shoegaze Project Bluelily Releases New EP!

Bluelily is an Iowan shoegaze outfit spear-headed by Zack Stewart and “Subtractive” is his new EP, which has just seen a cassette and digital release via Ireland’s Little L Records.

This EP is the follow up to 2013’s single “Rainfall Sky / Live In Sound” which falls exactly 100 places before this EP in the Little L Records catalogue, seeing a shift in Stewart’s style, moving more towards shoegaze territory. The stand-out aspect of this EP is the immensely unique fusion of jazz and shoegaze (jazzgaze?) which is explored deeply in tracks such as “Blue Buoys” and “CMYK”. For listeners wanting something different, this sophomore release delivers highly, showcasing the extent of this young musician’s larger than life creativity, a total must for fans of artists such as The J. Arthur Keenes Band and The Depreciation Guild.

“Subtractive” is out now on Little L Records on spray-painted cassettes and NYOP download below.

Subtractive by Bluelily

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