News: Fanpage’s Debut Album ‘LYA’ Out 1ST October on Fox Food Records


The things you encounter in life are often disparate, single entities that for some reason come together and end up at the same place as you, with you, becoming you.

The twelve songs on Fanpage’s astounding debut album ‘LYA’, out 1st October, are no different.

Small pieces of life, floating in a river. Absorbing mud, iron, colour. Finally pulled together, processed and formed into being.

Watch the video for track ‘Rain Days For Bad Songs’ below:


And, listen to ‘Rain Days For Bad Songs’ and another track ‘Y U’ via the Fox Food Soundcloud:


Just like the songs, we want the tapes to take on these fragments of life and being too. We are therefore delighted that artist Alexander Wireen is designing and creating the tapes and artwork at his studio in rural Sweden.

Like a cassette you find in a car borrowed from a friend or amongst the trees on the edge of town, each one will have its own form and tale of life to tell.

You can pre-order your copy of the album & limited edition tape (plus extra goodies) over at our Bandcamp now:


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