News: Euglossine Releases Excellent New Record “Canopy Stories” on Orange Milk Records

Orange Milk Records have always been known for being at the fore-front of all things experimental and avant-garde in the electronic music world and this beautiful new offering from Floridian artist Euglossine is no exception.

Euglossine is the alias of Tristan Whitehill and “Canopy Stories” is the latest instalment in his impressive catalog of work. This new record sees Whitehill effortlessly blend synth-heavy IDM tendencies with smooth jazz fusion influenced guitar lines, creating something truly unique.

Tracks such as the title track “Canopy Stories” (with its Casiopea-esque technical prowess) and “Paradise Kiss” showcase eloquently Whitehill’s impeccable musicianship and down-right other-wordly ear for melody. It’s as if Yellow Magic Orchestra and Alan Holdsworth decided to collaborate and then inhabit the body of a Gainsville-based musician named Tristan Whitehill to create this stunning record, a record which we are incredibly grateful exists to be enjoyed.

“Canopy Stories” is available to purchase on lush professionally manufactured cassettes right now here via Orange Milk Records.

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