Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand’s “Strain/Galaxy” on Hylé Tapes

Beginning with elegant minimalism and a sense of ethereal grace, Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand’s “Strain/Galaxy” released on Hylé Tapes is an amalgamation of ambient experimentation that feels nothing short of otherworldly in the most beautiful sense. Electronic purrs and whines streak across the composition like comets through a night sky on side A (Strain) of the tape. The piece ebbs into waves of harmonic tones, flows on to include resonating feedback and distant sounds of echoed chants and finally, concludes with a poised and poignant feeling composition on piano, bringing listeners back to earth from their trip to the stars that began the piece.

Side B (Galaxy) begins with an ominous hum which melts into soft, yet building piano which fades in and out of moments of silence as if the melody is holding its breath in a pause before exhaling and continuing again. The composition wanes and waxes, piano to humming synth and hisses, then back again. The album’s concluding minutes feature eerie vocalizations paired with stark hums and murmurs, giving the listener the feeling that they have lost themselves deep within the catacombs of an ancient, perhaps even celestial, deity.

“Strain/Galaxy” is an entrancing album from start to finish and is ideal to be listened to on cassette. The tape is available through Hylé Tapes in limited edition of 50.

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