Julia Brown: “To Be Close to You” Cassettes Now Available on Joy Void

Julia Brown’s “To Be Close to You” is currently available on cassette through Joy Void. For fans of Teen Suicide, or Sam Ray projects in general, the release of “To Be Close to You” is a dreamy chance to own the equally dreamy sounds of Julia Brown on cassette. The characteristic mellow lofi atmosphere of tracks like “Library,” “I was my own favorite tv show the summer my tv broke” and title track “To Be Close to You” set the overall tone for the album as a whole. This release on a tape feels a lot like coming home; the comforting feeling of a cassette is exactly where the blissfully hushed melodies of Julia Brown are meant to be. Best of all, the Joy Void release of “To Be Close to You” will include not just the full length debut, but 9 never-before release B-sides as well on 250 dark blue cassettes and 250 grey cassettes. Whether you’re already a fan of Julia Brown, or even if you’ve never listened before, don’t miss out on the chance to pick up this release!

Order Julia Brown’s “To Be Close to You” Here!

(Ships Mid-November)

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