News: It Takes Time Records Readies New Coastal Car

It Takes Time Records, a DIY label from St. Louis by way of New York is preparing to release its second tape, Unmastered by Coastal Car, due September 18th.  Andrew Buczek, also of Dad Jeans, has shown an incredible knack for creating impossibly catchy melodies that hit you like a waking dream in the midst of a perfect Autumn.  The album shares the bedroom pop production and style of established artists such as R.L. Kelly and Alex G (who doesn’t have some sort of Alex G influence these days, not that that’s a bad thing) yet manages to carry a harder edge to it.  Tapes can be purchased on It Takes Time’s Bandcamp page, while the album itself, alongside the rest of Coastal Car’s music can be downloaded off of Andrew’s own Bandcamp page.

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