Isabel Rex’s “American Colloquialisms/Two Hexes” Now Available on Z Tapes

Isabel Rex’s latest release “American Colloquialisms / Two Hexes” is currently available now through Z Tapes. The tape offers a lofi, bedroom poppy sound with rustling guitar, relatable lyrics and undeniably catchy melodies that are just the right amount of a wistfully sad indie vibe that makes you want to sing along to every track. Each song on the five track album has something incredibly infectious about it, making this tape one you’ll want to listen to over and over.

“American Colloquialisms/ Two Hexes” is the kind of upbeat meets downbeat indie lofi that seems to be the right thing to listen to in just about any mood or as a backdrop for just about any moment of your day. The fuzzy overtones of feedback through the album complement the instrumentals and dreamily melancholy vocals, giving the album an overall feeling of nostalgia and wonder. This release from Isabel Rex blends together elements of lofi, bedroom pop, indie, bits of shoegaze and even some vibes of the early days of midwestern emo, making it a perfect pick up for any fans of those genres.

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