News: Heavy Boots EP out soon on Furious Hooves

The new EP from Rachael Perisho aka Heavy Boots entitled Sister Lives.

Heavy Boots is the solo outlet for Savannah, GA (soon to be Portland, OR) artist and multi-instrumentalist Rachael Perisho, who is a founding member of mumbledust and has played in bands such as Dare Dukes and Triathalon. Her debut EP ‘In All The Ways That I Am Small‘ brought new meaning to ambience with her hauntingly beautiful vocal presence and minimal folk stylings. In her second release entitled ‘Sister Lives,‘ we find Perisho venturing into a fuller sound with backing-band and musical-collaborators Triathalon. Perisho’s haunting vocals still crawl from the folk and melancholy, but the ambience has now taken on an aura of calmed psychedelia.

FHVI-013 HeavyBoots CS

FH-033 / FH:VI-013 Heavy Boots Sister Lives EP
+ Limited to 100 hand-numbered and hand-assembled tapes
+ Bonus Sister Lives (Alternates) EP on Side B
+ Red Glitter Cassette, Uncoated J-Card with miniature lyric-booklet

Every release comes with:
1 Furhoof Sticker + specials surprises

Release Date: 28 August 2015, cassette & digital worldwide.

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