Hales Corner’s Wistful “Garden View” Out Now through Darling Recordings

We first introduced Hales Corner on United Cassettes in an interview with Wes and Caleb, the talented musicians behind the project. Their album is now officially out through Darling Recordings on cassette, and officially is one to add to your must cop list of tapes. The duality of feeling present throughout the album makes it a truly beautiful composition and seems to capture just the right emotion for just about any moment. The songs are wistfully sad yet blissfully content at the same time. As mentioned in the interview write-up, the album has a sort of rainy-day-spent-in-your-favorite-sweater vibe; melancholy in the very best way. Garden View is a sort of anthem for that post-college feeling of being simultaneously lost and overwhelmed, and entirely apathetic at the same time.

From a musical standpoint, the songs are artfully composed and weave together beautifully throughout the album, without feeling repetitive or overly similar. With two talented musicians behind the album, Garden View  is the lofi meets sunshine rock puzzle piece missing from any tape collection. Be sure to pick up your copy here and give the album a listen for yourself.


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