FEATURE: Women Of The Night – Most Magazines

Women Of The Night are a New York based proto-punk outfit and “Most Magazines” is their debut offering. “Most Magazines” is long over due for a UC feature, the brief yet oh so beautiful release has been on our radar for some time, with its ear-catching blend of lo-fi guitar pop and post-punk presentation.

Lead singer Jords serene drawl is a main focal point of this six-track EP, floating above slap-back delay saturated guitars with fittingly minimal backing in the form of keys, bass and drums. This sparse yet neat sound evokes thoughts of bastions of the sound such as The Modern Lovers or, well, Magazine. Stand out tracks such as the raucous “I Am Well and Missing You” or slow-burner “Wilson” solidify Women Of The Night as ones to watch in the future, with the notion of them gaining a cult following à la Ty Segall not seeming so alien.

Cassette copies are available via the band’s Bandcamp, housed in a electric blue shell complete with a fold-out j-card and some unlisted bonus gems on the b-side. Get this in your Walkman!

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Label owner / vintage guitar aficionado / often found playing Earthbound.