FEATURE: Padfoot – I’ve Done My Waiting / The Company We Keep

There are times when paying more for the shipping than you did for the actual product is worthwhile — and this was one of those times.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I first stumbled across Padfoot, but it was around the time I had first moved away from home in 2018. I needed new music to make me feel grounded and Padfoot was there. The self described party emos, who are signed to San Francisco’s Chillwavve Records, have a couple EPs under their belt already — ‘I’ve Done My Waiting’ and ‘The Company We Keep’, so when Chillwavve released a pink/green marble tape featuring both on one cassette (that shipped on 4/20), I picked up a copy immediately.

The two EPs flow so cohesively that it’s almost like listening to a full length. It’s twinkly, it’s fun, it’s got horns, gang vocals and songs about eating sushi on Christmas Eve and Life Is Strange. It’s heart wrenching and life affirming. Dance. Cry. Etc.

“You deserved a symphony

We all deservе a symphony.”

Not only is the music all of those things and more, but the tape itself is my favourite in my collection. It’s marbled pink, hand swirled in dark green paint. I own another Padfoot tape, which is pink with white splatters. I’ve always been a fan of how Chillwavve manages to make every physical release feel personal and homemade, and truthfully their approach has inspired me to branch out into my own physical releases.

I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with Padfoot and work with them on a few different projects. They’re some of the loveliest, warmest and talented people active in the DIY scene right now and I’m eternally grateful for their support and friendship and anime recommendations. The future is Padfoot, I promise.

Written by Lauren.

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