Feature: Nonfiction – I Painted This One Blue (self-released)

“I Painted This One Blue”

“I saw you in myself today Just like I always do

I’m trying here, so tell me please:

Am I better than I used to be?”

Perseverance and willpower burst from the seams of this carefully composed record. The lyric above, like many on the album, feels distinctly like a mantra rather than a lament. Synth sounds simmer beneath the surface, banjos can be heard plinking, slide guitars slip in and out; the group deftly combines a number of seemingly disparate sounds. The element that really sets this record apart is the constant presence of gorgeous dynamic harmonies. These harmonies are the fuel for the uplifting nature of the thing. On each song it’s as if the group is bringing spirits to guide the listener toward a new understanding of life.

I could see these guys on a bill with emo revivalists like Prawn, Microwave, or Pinegrove. It even reminds me of ‘00s emo, like As Tall as Lions. Jimmy Eat World or even, like, Switchfoot at some moments- although it feels pretty distinctly not pop-punk. Whether it’s an angelic choir, a perfectly placed horn section swell, or a repeated lyric as simple as “I want to be a part of it all”, this tape bleeds optimism. The far-away slide guitars and piano movements make it feel as though the songs themselves are laying memories to rest, or at least trying to recast them in a different light. Could be a good listen for during your first walk around town after a days-long depression. It could very well vault you out of the depths.

I Painted This One Blue by Nonfiction was released November 25th 2021, they’ve got an edition of 50 for sale on their Bandcamp.

Written by Elias Weinberg

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