FEATURE: Depeche Choad – Pain After Sex

Ice Cream For Crow are an Aberdeen based label that have been on our radar for some time now. Their mission statement is “DIY and weird”, something that they definitely deliver, curating an eclectic catalog which offers something special each release. The label’s latest release “Pain After Sex”, comes from Aberdeen based four-piece Depeche Choad is no exception to this.

With a name like Depeche Choad, you can go into “Pain After Sex” expecting both wit and a level of self-awareness which is sure to capture you. Spanning seven tracks, three of which are cassette only remixes, this sophomore release from the Scottish outfit meanders stylistically everywhere from spacey post-punk long-burners to tongue-in-cheek PC Music-esque remixes. With sharp lyricism akin to a NSFW Zappa live show shtick and lush, rich instrumentation the main standard tracks from the release are stellar. The remixes also shine with genius titles such as “i lick the holes of donuts in sainsburys and put them back on the shelf” you can definitely expect to laugh and feel the urge to dance to a dangerous degree.

Long live the Choad.

“Pain After Sex” is available on gorgeous pink shelled cassettes with an additional mini art print of the tape’s cover, a play on Big Black’s “Songs About Fucking”‘s cover via Ice Cream For Crow’s Bandcamp.

Keep up with all things Depeche Choad via their Facebook page.

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