News: Dead Katz: “Desert Dreams” Cassettes Available Now on Z Tapes

Dead Katz newest release, “Desert Dreams” is now available for order on cassette through Z Tapes. “Desert Dreams” sound is a mix of shoegaze, indie/bedroom pop, lo-fi and just a little bit of droney ambient sprinkled in in the form of the track “Coral Print Jeans Interlude.” The far-away sounding vocals accompanied by waves of fuzzy guitar riffs throughout each track on the tape create an infectiously melodic sort of feel surrounding the cassette overall. With an upbeat meets downbeat, crisp sound meets feedback atmosphere in each song, “Desert Dreams” is the perfect music to accompany any sort of mood, whether its a sunny day drive along a coastline with friends, or a lonely day spent gazing out the bedroom window, or anything in between, the songs are undeniably easy to relate to and even easier to spend all day listening to.

Desert Dreams is probably the album that I spent the most time working on out of all of my releases. I wrote and recorded it in a weird transitioning phase of my life. A lot of big changes were happening and I needed an escape of some sort. So I spent a lot of time locked in my bedroom, working on songs to avoid responsibilities. Which was pretty stupid in retrospect. But I’m happy with the way the album turned out. So I don’t regret it.” -Tanner of Dead Katz

Desert Dreams by Dead Katz

Be sure to pick of a copy of Dead Katz’ “Desert Dreams” before they’re gone! Cassettes are available through Z Tapes in limited edition of only 50 copies and come complete with a digital download in Mp3 or FLAC formats and are shipped from Slovakia complete with a brand new tape and other goodies in the package!

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