Review: Clearing’s “Be There”- Ambient Elegance Defined

Be There” by artist Joseph Volmer under the moniker Clearing is a 17 track ambient tape which creates a soundscape of tranquil elegance from start to finish. Minimal and crisp, the graceful drone paired with moments of quiet is like the cold air of a winter morning; cutting and still; illuminated veils of mist by the sun, which is just beginning to peek over the horizon. Perhaps most notable is that this tape is not only a full 80 minutes in length, but that that full 80 minutes is consistently, unwaveringly beautiful ambient. The minimal yet alluring nature of this tape makes it perfect for both active and passive listening; whether concentrating on listening only to the elegant tones of one of “Be There’s” 17 tracks, or simply having the album act as the soundtrack to a busy afternoon as it fades quietly into night, Clearing has created a collection of sound that is both non-invasive, yet simultaneously powerful in its own right.

“Be There” was pressed in limited edition of 75 copies through Lillerne Tapes, with full color J-Cards and artwork. Released last December, the tape has long since sold out, so if you happen to find this tape somewhere, don’t hesitate for a moment about picking it up.

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