Cassé par la nuit – TG Gondard

I follow the works of Indian Redhead since I discovered the music of accou, one of the guys behind this very cool label based in Clermont Ferrand.
Their catalogue is a deep immersion into contemporary ambient/vaporwave and tropical sounds with a punk attitude (check out some videos of their campfire parties in the french woods and you’ll immediately love these guys).
One of their latest releases is “Cassé par la nuit” by TG Gondard, a french dude who makes music under the self-defined genre of R’n’Brie. How could you blame him?
TG Gondard is also active as Pizza noise mafia, Colombey and Lubriphikatttor and this release through Indian Redhead comes after a conspicuous number of tapes and cd-r’s he has released with his own record label “les éditions de l’oubli“.
The tracks on this tape are intended to be eleven fragments of urban romance sung by the 2.0 decadent poet TG Gondard.
The structure of the songs respects the verse-chorus form typically used in pop music and, while instrumental plays with spastic rhythms and obsessive digital synths (typical of Indian Redhead’s releases), the singing parts remind me of a lo-fi version of the french gloomy chanson filled with autotune, irony and drugs.
Don’t be misled! This is with no doubt a work full of irony, which is maybe one of the advantages of the project and the label itself, but at the same time it’s important to say that the tracks and the album are more than serious as pieces of music that range over a quite open space where a lot of attention for sounds is put. TG Gondard creates easily complex layers of musical action (Dans les bars, La grande ville) along with deranged minimal ballads with much care for essential sounds (Northern part of the city at night).
Synths sounds and drum samples along with effects and drones could be both one of the derivations of the neo-psychedelia much loved between tape labels all around the world (think of the works of Das Andere Selbst, Beer on the Rug and many others) without its classic radical abstractism as well as a product of the most fashionable and more recent electronic tendencies like Holly Herndon or OPN without all those uncomfortable and hyperaseptic HD and Hi-Tech sounds.

The result is a lo-fi, intimate and very personal interpretation of phenomena like Sadboys (La terre noire, Sortis de la nuit), all the contemporary shades of cloud rap genre (Casse par la nuit, Tes fotos) or Lil ugly mane without any bass-dropping but just the synth lines and words floating in the air (Dormir c’est mourir).

Gondard is not pretentious at all but if you are ok with it we can pretend to be sad all together! Did you have enough of hypnagogic pop? Well, let’s meet hypnagogic french chanson.

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