News: BLADE RECORDS Releases Asthmatics Ep Today!


Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the Loudest Band in Australia Asthmatics! Asthmatics consists of 3 Members from Melbourne Australia! Asthmatics are the Greatest Garage Rock Band we found that isn’t big enough. The First track “ESAEQuntitled#3” is only the beginning of what they have to offer. that track is the safe zone to actual horror Scene in a Movie. Enjoy those last few moments before you get sucked in by their power. The Asthmatics caught our attention there biggest Pounding track on this tape “Wired” Will blow your mind as much as it did ours. But the Last Track may be the Deadliest “Beltoar La Balms” is known to really make you feel their Surf Style. It takes up the whole B-Side because you know you are in for a ride! This is a band that you need to hear, This is one of those bands that is gonna get Ty Segall Big. Catch them Live in Australia!! -Josh From Blade Records.

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1. ESAEQuntitled#3
2. Wired

3. Beltoar La Balms

Limited to 30 Copies
15 White with Light Blue Splatter (US Edition)
15 White with Lime Green Splatter (Australia Edition)

FFO: Ty Segall, THEE OH SEES, Wand, Wavves, Cloud Nothing, Bass Drum Of Death

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