Aboard a high speed train – “Katkos” by Luke Lund

I wrote this review during one hour aboard a high speed train, nonstop from city to city.
What can I say – it fitted perfectly fine.
‘Sitting in a high voltage powered metal tin on steel wheels’ would be an all around describing picture for the music of Luke Lund on his tape ‘Katkos (Outage)’.

Multilayered noise interacts with distorted beats. Hammering, drilling and heavy machine-like patterns weave into each other, run apart, escalate and reunite seemingly easy.
At the same time, once I got into this album’s special groove and mood, the music never got on my nerves, simply because it has a hidden harmony within what seems disharmonic. This harmony unveiled as soon as I made it through the surfacing layer of obvious noise and distortion.
This year in spring I witnessed a live PA of Vladislav Delay in Hamburg. This album is definitely of the same breed.
Why? Because of the possibility to rest on this perfectly woven carpet of noise and distorted percussive patterns, to sit in the center of the storm and relax while the world around falls into turmoil.
‘Katkos (Outage)’ by Luke Lund is the sixth release on Still Heat Recordings from Newcastle, UK.
At the moment this ist one of the heavy rotation tapes in my players, a true 100%er.

You can get hold of this tape via Bandcamp and find Luke Lund as well as Still Heat Recordings on Twitter.

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I´m loving the present moment, the sound of falling rain and the smell of gasoline. Cassettes are making me feel cosy because they remind me of my childhood before CDs were a thing.