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10 very short reviews of 10 cassette releases curated by z tapes and reviewed very small album review

1 The Nosuns – PAWRAWNAW

Geckos wake up under a dried pine needle bed on a forest floor & try to find their way out.

Cassettes: music.zyngtapes.co.uk/album/pawrawnaw-zyng015

2 Friendly Dinner – Klaver

Rain drops make circumferences in a koi pond as the afternoon paints deep grays in the sky.

Cassettes: friendlydinner.bandcamp.com/album/klaver

3 Nadir Bliss – And You Say

A Polaroid of a rusted house standing in a wind swept green landscape.

Cassettes: girlfriendtapes.bandcamp.com/album/and-you-say

4 Warm Island – Be Careful

The shapes of a million tiny river fish cut into a screen door.

Cassettes: girlfriendtapes.bandcamp.com/album/be-careful

5 If I Die In Mississippi – Sweetheart

Above a glistening stream, birds eat gravel and pieces of water plants.

Cassettes: girlfriendtapes.bandcamp.com/album/sweetheart

6 Buddy Holliday – Victoria Street

An electric blanket with a long yellow throat and eyes that can barely open.

Cassettes: ztapesrecords.com/products/victoria-street-pre-order

7 Eleanor Murray – Lost Songs

The gentle breath of a tulip mixes with the humid air after an evening rain.

Cassettes: antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com/album/lost-songs

8 Girlie – Girlie EP

A tree full of fanged fruit wait for people to pass by before dropping rapidly to attack.

Cassettes: spaetipalace.bandcamp.com/album/sp007-girlie

9 Skirts – What Do You Wanna Do?

A toucan sitting behind a mile long window watching the ocean just beyond the glass.

Cassettes: dadstacherecords.storenvy.com/collections/586474-tapes/products/15191124-skirts-what-do-you-wanna-do

10 Gorgeous Bully – n.w.o.b.h.m.

A painting with rope lights surrounding it in handcuffs shouting into a timpani drum.

Cassettes: ztapesrecords.com/products/nwobhm-pre-order


Written by:

An Ant on Helium giving abstract reviews of your fave albums.