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10 very short reviews of 10 cassette releases curated by z tapes and reviewed very small album review

1 The Washboard Abs – Have You Scanned Your Club Card?

Dry leaves rest in an old wooden boat on a lake made of echoes.

Cassettes: antiquatedfuture.bandcamp.com/album/have-u-scanned-ur-club-card

2 Drug Pizza – Return To Content Mountain

Grey & pink balloons tied to a chipped paint railing at a closed roller rink.

Cassettes UK: artishardrecords.limitedrun.com/products/567680-drug-pizza-content-mountain-cassette-ep

or US: negativefunrecords.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-content-mountain

3 Govier – Predator

U zone out & imagine ur a skeleton turtle in Mario staring into a flame cannon in a wheat field.

Cassettes: ztapesrecords.com/products/predator-pre-order

4 Shya – Trying

Lonely marmot sits outside of a school dance after being rejected watching the headlights of cars.

Cassettes: dztapes.bandcamp.com/album/trying

5 Soft Fangs – The Light

Slowly pacing around an ice sculpture of a neighborhood in the last week of autumn.

Cassettes: softfangs.bandcamp.com/album/the-light

6 West America/Porridge Radio – hello dog friendly

Crate of instruments in metallic storage container filled with pale green soda.

Cassettes: memorialsofdistinction.bandcamp.com/album/hello-dog-friendly

7 Henoheno – Peas & Carrots (TRK RVW)

Dodo birds stand on top of a smokestack & stare down into the swirling, hazy air.

Cassettes: foxfoodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/canada

8 Charmer – Best Worst Birthday Ever

U drive a go kart in a swimming pool under a sky of lightning and candy teeth

Cassettes: havefunrecords.org/products/567609-charmer-best-worst-birthday-ever-cassette

9 Holiday Home – Greetings From

A mysterious palm tree in a long coat with an elevator intercom for a voice.

Cassettes: ztapesrecords.com/products/greetings-pre-order

10 Hovvdy – Meg (TRK RVW)

Yellow & brown wallpaper in a kitchen peels back to show even older light blue wallpaper.

Cassettes: hovvdy.bandcamp.com/album/taster


Written by:

An Ant on Helium giving abstract reviews of your fave albums.