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10 very short reviews of 10 cassette releases curated by z tapes and reviewed very small album review

1 Horse Jumper of Love – S/T

In a stuffy, sepia room a face comes out of the ground with red eyes and large teeth.

cassettes: horsejumperoflove.bandcamp.com/album/horse-jumper-of-love

2 Camp Howard – S/T

Placid lake of Nickelodeon Green Slime forms into the biting mouth of a fox.

cassettes: citruscityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/camp-howard

3 Lady the Beard – Beard EP

The way a quiet parrot looks at you when it’s trying to focus on your face.

cassettes: olympicdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/beard-ep

4 Mah Kee Oh – One Footed

A giant green square where a team of bobsleds is going in reverse up the square.

cassettes: olympicdreamsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/one-footed

5 Andrew Starr and the Hobo Scene – Lonely Bones

Dr. Robotnik and purple Chewbacca walking inside a megaphone.

cassettes: andrewstarrandthehoboscene.bandcamp.com/album/lonely-bones

6 Amy O – Arrow

A nest made of old gift wrap ribbon waving in a breezy partly sunny day.


7 Doubleu – Wuss

Cave clouds with glowing, sky blue eyes whisper in the axolotl’s ears.

cassettes: https://dan-doubleu.bandcamp.com/album/wuss

8 High Sunn – Wishes

A plastic man joyfully rides inside of a bubble over a pixelated landscape.

cassettes: warpedyourrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wishes

9 House Plants – Fluffy Tales

A hot field of eyeballs watching gauzy memories projected into the sky.

cassettes: veryfreshjuice.bandcamp.com/album/fluffy-tales-ep

10 Minnoe – Pinwheel

Warthog in jean vest lights a firecracker in a trashcan & writes his name on the wall above it.

cassettes: minnoe.bandcamp.com/album/pinwheel


Written by:

An Ant on Helium giving abstract reviews of your fave albums.