VIDEO PREMIERE: Nounverber’s ‘Receiver’

If there is one element of the Hotline Miami series that nobody has ever had a problem with, it would be the outstanding soundtrack. Hotline Miami 2 was especially acclaimed for it’s OST, and just recently the game inspired a fan-made sequel, which has unfortunately been delayed indefinitely. Understandably, the sequel deserved an equally brilliant soundtrack, and suitably, synthwave artist and video game composer Nounverber had produced a score for the upcoming game—having been featured on the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack himself, it seemed only fitting. While the game may not be released, there is still chance to hear what Nounverber cooked up.

Nounverber’s “Midnight Animal EP” releases September 2nd on Swedish Columbia Records (digital/cassette), but today United Cassettes has the opportunity to premiere the music video for the opening track, ‘Receiver’.

VHS distortions, a supercar driving down a long desert road, and glimpses of owls accompany pensive 80’s style synth progressions, and an eerily vocoded voice. Altogether you have a fantastic retrowave song, reminiscent of the quintessential 80’s action film. Often times a video game’s soundtrack is subservient to the game itself, but if ‘Receiver’ is telling to the rest of the EP, then it will be able to stand on it’s own as a comprehensive and interesting album.

Available September 2nd on Swedish Columbia Records in digital or as a limited edition of 100 cassettes done with a retro Gameboy sleeve as pictured below.
For more info, or to purchase Nounverber’s “Midnight Animal EP” go here.


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